All Men Are Rapists!


That warm smile on a man’s face, the one he has when he first meets a woman for a date, belies his true intentions: RAPE. I know, because it happened to me. Back when I was a 170 pound twig I went to the movies with a boy from high school. He was tall, thin, and handsome — a nice homely boy, or so I thought. But I was never the same again after he took advantage of me. From that point on I discovered the true evil that lurks within all men.

Let me tell you sisters, all men are disgusting animals, PIGS!  Every time a man sees a woman, he undresses her in his mind, and that is the first offense. It’s the precursor to rape; he is premeditating rape. Even if he doesn’t go through with it, he has the mind of a rapist. It’s no different from a man pointing a gun at you. He shows intent even if he fails to pull the trigger. Don’t be fooled.

When I was date raped, I was just sitting next to this… what I thought was a man, this monster. I was sharing a bucket of popcorn with him when all of the sudden I felt his dick in the bucket. Then he grabbed me and tried to force himself on top me. From that day on I told myself I’d never, ever, ever let that happen to me AGAIN! I gained a few pounds since then to ward off creeps and their creepy stares; and surprisingly it hasn’t hurt my sex life too much — I’m still a hot sex goddess, I just appeal to men of a different skin tone. And if a man dares to touch me, I can turn around and shove him to the ground and sit on his face!

Call it reverse rape if you want, I call it justice.

63 thoughts on “All Men Are Rapists!

  1. I wouldn’t say ALL men are rapist, you cannot generalize like that, although there is a great majority that are fucking asshole pigs that only think about sex. I rather live with my cats

      • No! You’re wrong! The boy I am dating would never rape anyone! Not all men are rapists, or even have the potential! Not all men are the same! Not because they don’t have the guts, but because they do treat us as equals! “If there is one drop of dirt in the sea, the entire sea is not dirty” -Ghanda

      • Listen, that sweet guy you’re with.. they do exist. you need to read about human trafficking in general, women who have been gang raped TO DEATH in public squares in Egypt like their bodies are part of a carnival… for not wearing “hijabs”… apparently some people in the world aren’t muslim and don’t believe women are sex objects… and don’t “cover” to make men not lust after them…, or this poor woman who tried to work for Halliburton and was trapped and raped by dozens of men one of whom BIT OFF HER NIPPLE. Men are disgusting animals at some point. They love to hurt and control women. Just think about when you read history… unless its something specific how many women are in there? women account for around 50 % of the human population. I wish sometimes we’d just quit these idiot males and take their sperm. banish them all to another galaxy… they don’t deserve women… well very few men actually deserve to be with a woman. I hope lesbians take over.

        “all men have potential to be rapists

        you have been warned

        we shall not sleep

        we are womankind.”

        well fuckin said.

      • what is HILARIOUS is how much conservative male centered culture fears homosexuality because it has nothing to do with controlling females, controlling female reproduction, controlling the minds of women. Very few conservative men actually love their “wives”. They love themselves, they love to make their wives do debasing things. Why else would women be barred from becoming professionals when they are more than competent… Men are the most evil things on this planet aside from the women who will not stand up for other women… women who keep other women down because of some narrow minded idiotic belief revolving around inaccurate, inefficient, and faulty tradition.

    • I actually prefer a variety in terms of dates e.g. paying halves, him paying, sometimes me paying
      It really should be based on the situation and both should be courteous is someone is broke or earns less etc. Sometimes when a man pays for everything it makes me feel like he thinks he’s better then me.

  2. Hi there :)
    My name is Ollie and I’m a liberal femenist and I am a male

    Point 1 just because you are raped by one person, even 2, or maybe even ten, that doesn’t mean that every man on the planet is a rapist.

    Point 2 you will never reach equality in life if you think like this

    Point three men aren’t evil, human beings are, there are just as many evil women as there are men, and men can also get raped and domestically abused by women, I was in a physically abusive relationship once, it was horrible I couldn’t tell anyone because I’d look pahthetic infront of my friends and the police didn’t belive me.

    4 segregation is wrong. So is generalization

    • Number 3 is way off, women are underrepresented in all fields on the planet and that includes evil things like: mass murder, serial killers, rapists, con-women, psycho-paths.

      • Most of the time women are the victims of such crimes, there are evil women in the world but it is an extreme rarity.

  3. What is the point in feminism? how can you say you are fighting for gender equality when you a picking a side? honestly people who do that just want attention, females are treated better then males these days and its a proven fact, you were not raped at worse you were sexually assaulted rape is defined as the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse, your just a filthy sexist that is hiding behind feminist for your on benefit

    • This post is not only sexist, but prejudice, racist, and ignorant… So effectively nazism.. I have no sympathy for people like you, your just as bad as those you fight agaisnt

    • I don’t hate men, I hate the PATRIARCHY and the system that fosters the patriarchy. Fucking duh.

      Please gimme a favor sweetie, and read a book or two before discussing matters you don’t quite understand?


      -Fat Femminist Fatale

      • Seems to be you who is obsessed with rape,actually.

        Oh, and you’re a hateful bigot who needs to seek professional help. (There is something wrong with YOU)

      • nothing is wrong with you. people don’t like feminism because it isn’t cool. people don’t care about the truth… it’s a gruesome truth and people these days with all the entertainment just can’t handle it. it doesn’t positively reward them. It’s a difficult social challenge we probably will never succeed with… unless we find a way to stick around 100m years + …
        I do think the system of patriarchy robs new generations of males of an innocence….. roflol. they’re not going to read… or watch the news in any intelligent manner…. I swear, a news story about women being raped and killed by masses of men…. no one cares.. it doesn’t even register… people think feminism is dumb, reactive….. “it sucks”… it annoys them while they’re posting vacation photos on facebook… feminism isn’t “cool” ….
        diversity is cool, pc is cool, vacations and facebook are cool… so when muslim and other women are raped in the middle east and killed… no one will dare to stand up for these people in a big way… there is no center today.. no support for women in that region…

      • Well I fucking patriarchy but it doesn’t I hate men I just hate the people who still believe its the best way without looking at the obvious better alternatives.

      • Well I fucking hate patriarchy but it doesn’t mean that I hate men I just hate the people who still think its the only way to live without really considering the obvious alternative lifestyles.

  4. Do you really believe this? Anybody would be so sorry for you for what you have experienced, no one should have to go through that and I hope he was caught and brought to justice, or will be in the future. But wtf is up with this? You’ve got to realise how childish and illogical your misled diatribe sounds? Men have got a lot of changing to do if they want to be free from the gender structures which make them act like such idiots. So do women. This isn’t going to help.

  5. Ma’am, what happened to you is terrible, nobody should have to go through that, and I sincerely hope the person responsible was brought to justice, but the idea that all men are rapists is ridiculous. If you want to say all men are “potential rapists”, fine, but that doesn’t mean anything. All men are “potential murderers” too, as are all women. I am a practicing man, and I have never once even considered raping anybody. Believe it or not, it’s not something most of us spend any thought on! In conclusion, I really really hope you can eventually look past your own anger on the subject. You might find the truth then.

    • Anger is the engine that powers the wheels have changed. It’s the dawn of the day of the woman – and dusk is approaching for the patriarchy.

      we will not sleep.

      • Get back in your box you pitiful, deluded retard. I’m all for equality but you will never be equal to me as long as you think like that.

        You’re not a woman.

  6. “Whoever believes in Jesus will have everlasting life.” Kinda. Theoretically. What they will experience is the perpetual life cycle of birth-aging-death on Earth-like planets. It ensures a second chance for those who fell for the god’s deception and are too stupid to pull out of it in a timely manner, for only the true believers (Flanders) will survive come transplant/colonization.
    I believe these people are the original residents of a planet (Earth=Africans). Other regions are populated with groups whom are transplaned as the gods deem fit (Native Americans=next Asians, Ashkenaz Jews=next Europeans).
    Believing this deviate pimp Jew is god comes at a price, reflected in blacks strengths/weaknesses.
    Ironically, due to the god’s positioning the Antients ensured these people would not receive two second chances:::Christianity is an Italian religion, responsible for black misery ranging from slavery to the crack epidemic and Italian-style gang membership.
    Incidentally, although I ridicule the idea Jesus is god I am slated for this group on the next planet Earth for my unwillingness to bow to absolute power and, like the black man, will be reincarnated less capable compared to my fellow man. And that’s why the gods created this reputation among the black man. As far as why Jewish men are like faggotty…

  7. GUYS this is Sattire….
    Sattire is a piece of literature purposely written to be sarcastic, outrageous and ironic….she’s advocating that all men aren’t rapists……

  8. I absolutely agree with everything you said!.I never minded gaining weight and I love being a full figured woman!When I was 150 pounds (I’m 5 ft 10) I had men hitting on me all the time.Since I can’t stand the sight of men anymore,it’s good that they don’t like me as much, since, you know,they all want anorexic little waifs!.

  9. “potential”
    Gee wiz, everytime someone used that word to describe how a man could do it, I just wanna laugh.

    Here is a reverse option:
    All women have the potential to be huge man-bashing bigoted people

    You have been warned.

    We shall not sleep.

    We are menkind.

    Was that sexist? Yes of course! The original version was sexist? No of course, therefore, all men are rapist!
    Fucking Bullshit…


  11. your post was well written. interesting and much needed. most of the replies here… laughably predictable. it’s strange how people think calling someone a cum dumpster etc rapey porno shit…. on a post about the prevalence of rape itself… makes their argument better….
    good men are so wonderful to find. there are so few… my guy has an IQ of 163… 6’1″ athletic… absolutely wonderful diamond in the rough… for anyone who thinks feminists are hags who can’t date any men. oh .. on the contrary… I guarantee it… I’d find hardly any of you interesting. I’ve spent alot of my life analyzing the speech patterns of men/ people in general.

    • Lots of them are (hags who can’t date men, that is). You can study speech patterns all you want, psycho, that doesn’t make you knowledegable about what goes on in the world. No one’s raped women more than Feminism has… and continues to do. This is not an article about “the prevalance of rape, it’s a rant by a psychotic cunt, who (if we can take her word for it, which is questionable) suffered a terrible experience, and decided to generalize her toxic hatred of all men, and post it on a website!!

      • Oh so making a firm stance on rape is man hatred oh so you do see rape as your right then!
        Standing up against rape will help prevent men from being rapists and is a sign of respecting and man-philic not man phobic after all what future does a man really have after he has raped a woman or a man?

        He knows deep down he didn’t really have to do it?

    • No we are not actually i’m very happy and contented with my life thanks the opportunities I got from feminism has only made me empowered and satisfied.

    • Ever read a police report on the facts about rape maybe you should try it you might learn something about rape and maybe you might stop taking the generalisations and the fight against rape so personally.

      Unless you actually are a rapist? Judging from your lack of concern about women being raped and your vow for guy code another excuse rapists use to get away with it someone’s covering their tracks.

  12. Yes I really think that most around 90% men are either physical or psychological rapists if a man isn’t raping anyone he is definitely trying to push his luck in other harassing ways e.g. disparaging comments, constant lewd remarks, sexualising the environment he is in.

    Its a scary thought that as much as 90-99% of man have viewed pornography and pleasured themselves to a woman being raped by many guys and then defend men as non rapists, if they are viewing it they are accepting as normal and some if not all will try to re-create those scenes in pornography.

    Its another scary thought when men also call women man haters for standing against rape!

    Why lie about rape and act like it doesn’t happen when 90-99% of men have seen it happen in porn?
    Why defend a man as a non rapist when you have seen thousands and thousands of women being raped porn?

  13. Also if you look at the facts of our human history you can see that men are responsible for nearly most of the murders and crimes in the world it is only sane to hate men it would be absolutely insane to never ever think of hating a man after reading our human history.

    Don’t forget men are responsible for the holocaust, murdering Jesus, philandering, Treachery, worship of idols, man made law, and nearly every evil thing on the planet.

    Don’t get me wrong there are good men in the world but don’t forget they are treated with disdain and disrespect from other men who think they are wimps just for being good.

    The correct term is pussies! commonly used by bitchy evil men who have a narrow mind set of what a real man is?

  14. Its obvious that we are all jaded of each other. What is frustrating as a male is many boys have been raised to respect, honor, and protect woman. All while putting aside our own dreams and desires to fulfill a female partners wishes. The downside of this for men is that it has not created the respect that we were taught we would recieve.
    Nothing encourages rage like being raised to sacrifice yourself indiscriminantly as well has being culturally austrisized for the shadow of your nature. Rape is not a laughing matter. But taking away any rights for men to exist freely of their own volition and behavior does not discourage it or encourage trust and love btwn the sexes. Having rights and power over others encourages abuse and entitlement and this is not justice it is revenge.
    We are all beings of our own agency. If you play with fire you get burned. The world is not an infitile day care where we can live without consequence, it is a place of great good and great evil. The worst we can do is deny our own capacities for evil and project our unhappiness onto others. Yet it is too sad that male/ female involvment with each other can lead to such depravity that we no longer value our positive capabilities. Nothing to me is like the gentle love of a female or the dignified mind of a renaissance male.

  15. What happened to the author is wrong at so many levels and I can’t pretend to begin to understand what she had to go through, but calling all men rapists is going way too far.

    I’m a 25-year-old, heterosexual male virgin. I suffer from a pathological fear of social interaction with women in any way or form thanks to stuff like this. Just the thought of being labelled a rapist by a random woman whom I’ve just met, just because I give the wrong impression (thanks, social ineptitude), blocks me and makes me so terrified that I don’t get of my flat any longer. In essence, I’ve been destroyed by feminism just because I was born with a penis.

    Women can rape and get away with it, women can claim rape and send men to jail without investigation, women can employ violence against men without any fear, women get sole custody 90% of times…

    How the hell am I supposed to trust a woman? However, given that women cannot trust men in any way or form, since we’re all evil perennial-horny rapist fiends, I think we got what we deserved, but equity can’t be possibly achieved by tipping the balance the other way around.

    (And to think I used to play as the Female army all the time whenever I played Gender Wars…)

  16. All women who become feminists have been sexually abused by their fathers. They see the world through their childhood’s, leading to laughably distorted (generalised) perceptions of men.

    They also unconsciously attract men who are like their fathers (so they can act-out), push away men who are the opposite (and decent), and in turn their neurotic perception becomes validated in practice.

    So sad.

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