All Men Are Rapists!


That warm smile on a man’s face, the one he has when he first meets a woman for a date, belies his true intentions: RAPE. I know, because it happened to me. Back when I was a 170 pound twig I went to the movies with a boy from high school. He was tall, thin, and handsome — a nice homely boy, or so I thought. But I was never the same again after he took advantage of me. From that point on I discovered the true evil that lurks within all men.

Let me tell you sisters, all men are disgusting animals, PIGS!  Every time a man sees a woman, he undresses her in his mind, and that is the first offense. It’s the precursor to rape; he is premeditating rape. Even if he doesn’t go through with it, he has the mind of a rapist. It’s no different from a man pointing a gun at you. He shows intent even if he fails to pull the trigger. Don’t be fooled.

When I was date raped, I was just sitting next to this… what I thought was a man, this monster. I was sharing a bucket of popcorn with him when all of the sudden I felt his dick in the bucket. Then he grabbed me and tried to force himself on top me. From that day on I told myself I’d never, ever, ever let that happen to me AGAIN! I gained a few pounds since then to ward off creeps and their creepy stares; and surprisingly it hasn’t hurt my sex life too much — I’m still a hot sex goddess, I just appeal to men of a different skin tone. And if a man dares to touch me, I can turn around and shove him to the ground and sit on his face!

Call it reverse rape if you want, I call it justice.

319 thoughts on “All Men Are Rapists!

  1. This is the most ludicrous, piece of shit blog post I’ve ever read. You don’t even deserve any civility here because of the nonsense your psychotic ass peddling.

    And fyi- there is no thing as “reverse rape.” There is rape. Period. And it is every bit as real if and when women do it to men. If you encourage the rape of men you are every bit as much of a piece of shit as the man who tried to force himself on you. Get help.

    • Hehe.. “when a woman rapes a man”… you men on here CRACK me up! A-hahahaha! I bet you all masturbate to the mere idea of it. Freaks!

      • You say it like it doesn’t happen. Plus, quit with that ellipsis and improper quoting bullshit. Next thing we know, a man will be accused of rape for saving a person’s life. Oh, wait.

      • Was that a backdoor, round about threat? Sure sounds like it to me. Should I notify the authorities? You are threatening to come kill me, no?— and a man will have to come save me?? Let me see what the authorities think of this post from you— ok?

      • I think he was trying to say that it is almost certain that an evil MAN will be the one to save you from ANY danger.
        But I’m sure he’s not really a killer, and is just trying to make a point. So you can get back to painting your sign for your next “Choice” rally.

      • Pheeew! Thanks for clearing things up for me. I’m sooo relieved. For a minute I thought HE was another rapist. Oh, and I’m very against abortion, unless it’s a male fetus, of course, or fetus of a Zionist. Hehe ;)

      • I thought you were afraid of being killed, not raped.
        You want to know a non-PC secret about guys? Guys just don’t understand why women deem rape to be a crime just under murder in heinousness. Of course it’s wrong, but up there with murder? Jump out of a speeding car, jump to your DEATH, to avoid rape? You see, that seems crazy to guys.
        Ask any guy how terrible it would be if HE was drugged by the most unattractive woman he could imagine, tied to a bed, and raped. And then released. Ask him how “severe” a crime that was, how traumatized he was, and whether or not he’d have preferred to have a broken bone or lose $500 or something.
        I think most guys would NOT think it was the 2nd worse crime imaginable. They would see it as bad sex, a BAD night, and count their blessings that they were in one piece, and go watch some football.
        And then we find out how often women have rape fantasies, and what the plots of just about every Harlequin Romance contain, and how popular being TIED UP in Shades of Grey is, and how every girlfriend I ever had has wanted to “play” at being held down or tied up at some point.
        These things seem confusing to guys.

      • How the fuck is what that dude wrote a threat?
        He was referencing the story of the man accused of rape when he saved a woman’s life.
        The story is easily found with google.
        You are either very confrontational or just plain paranoid and stupid.

      • Your stupid woman can rape men it’s totally possible. Actually it happens in Australia 4/5 guys pressed charges

      • Wow, Reta. Because every single man is a dog and deserves to be in a cage just because he is a man. I bet your one of those people that think modern day feminism is all about equality. Manspreading is horrible and should be banned but if a woman takes up two seats with her bag or books and doesn’t allow anyone else to sit there is perfectly ok right?

    • Women can’t and don’t rape men. Stop lying and deceiving people!! You are trying to change the subject
      All men undress women in their minds and imagine having sex with her. That’s why a boyfriend and a husband starts to act cold and distant to his wife or girlfriend.
      Their penises are ready to get something new. They only want sex.

      • Your Mistaken. Women do in fact Rape Men…maybe not as often. Very few Men will go to the bother of getting the Authorities involved, for the obvious reasons! More Female Teachers get involved with underage students also, and while they may be punished for t…do they serve the same time that a Male Teacher would? Think about it! All the things that you accuse Men of doing…Women do the same and just as much! When has fantasizing become a Crime???

      • Plenty of women have raped men, do you know what statistics are. Oh and not a single women has ever undressed a man in her head, it just doesn’t happen obviously. (yeah right)

  2. Jeez a man can’t be a human? Evolutionary equal? Have the same equal dare I say sexual thoughts? I was raped by a homosexual man but I don’t hate homosexual men. I look and hope to a future where men and women are equal however I know there are men and women who predate on others because it asserts dominance for the sake of dominance. Hell the ultra masculine military taught me that and victims in those organizations are encouraged to come forward with their assaults like good humans. So shut it. Rape happens to us all and NO not all men are rapists women can and do too for the same reasons.

  3. This is all true. I mentally undress EVERY woman and think about fucking her. You are very wise to gain weight to ward us off… though don’t get too fat else my chubby chasing brothers will be after you.

    • That Women can’t and don’t rape men. Stop lying and deceiving people!! You are trying to change the subject
      All men undress women in their minds and imagine having sex with her. That’s why a boyfriend and a husband starts to act cold and distant to his wife or girlfriend.
      Their penises are ready to get something new. They only want sex.

      • Good job at copying and pasting maybe you should copy past your life into a fairy tale world where men and woman are equal o wait your already there

      • More men are murdered, mugged and killed in work place incidents. Also, it’s perfectly fine for a woman to hit a man, but if a man hit’s a woman it’s the worst thing. Obviously male privileged right?

  4. Men can’t be raped? I was raped multiple times by a donkey/dolphin hybrid…it would come into my room every night and whisper perverted things into my ear like “I’m gonna tear you a new blowhole” and “I hope you like donkey punches you slut”. Us men can be raped too…

  5. I feel as if it is unfair to classify all men as rapists. I look at women all the time and the last thing on my mind is undressing them much less raping them. But then again, I am gay.

  6. Apologies… had no idea that I was a rapist. By that same logic after hearing your article I can assume all women are assumptive, bitter, and a bit racist.. but I dont. Because I know plenty who aren’t. My beautiful and faithful girlfriend included. You have a spectacular day. And try to work on that pecimism a bit

  7. So, I’m a rapist even though I’m 14 and plan on saving myself until marriage? I’m a rapist even though I respect women and their bodies? Jumping to the assumption that all men are rapists because of an experience you had with a few guys is wrong. I’m not against feminism, but what I just read is incredibly sexist and I refuse to stand for it.

    • You should be antifeminist because this is what feminism is about. It is not equality and it never was. Even the first wave feminism was extremely racist, partnered with the KKK, and opposed blacks voting rights.
      If you truly care about equality be an Egalitarian or Equalist.

      • I’m about EQUALITY. Whatever those kind of people are called sign me up. But this dogshit of all men are evil because of an experience the writer had doesn’t make all men like that.

  8. All this lady needs to do is talk to the male and he would just turn and walk away. I have nothing but respect for women and also appreciate the beauty that comes with them regardless there size and statue. I don’t call this ladle a feminist i call her a —- .

    • And another thing, it’s ‘their’ not ‘there’ when referring to a person(s). I know, I’m overly critical/overly educated, but if you can’t properly write or express yourself in the written form (in very simple, everyday English), what else might you be doing/thinking improperly? Ya know? Just say’n! Sorry. Just so annoying when uneducated folks try to engage on the internet.

      • “… yeah, a what? A superior to you? You’d be correct, sir. Your superior!”.

        By your very own logic described in the above post, you’d also be uneducated and unable to “express yourself in the written form”.

      • His superior? Men are inferior to women? Feminism in a nutshell! Also how immature are you Reta?

      • To clarify, it’s “you’re” when referring to the contraction of “you” and “are”.

      • So he made a common typo error such as “There” opposed to “Their” and you automatically assume they are uneducated? Heck…I’ve seen University Grads make that mistake quite often. So not are you only a Bigoted and Misandric Feminazi…you’re a Grammar Nazi too! Keep thinking that way, for you too shall eventually “Hit The Wall”…and most Men won’t want to much to do with you. Except the ones you claim to hate so much!

  9. As a woman and having read and tried to understand you view I have only one thing to say:
    Get help “sister”, there’s something very wrong with you if this is how you view the entire gender!

  10. I am very sorry you were raped, but women like you are ruining feminism for the rest of us. Keep it up, and the only people who will be willing to call themselves feminists are going to be the extremists like you.

    No, all men are not rapists. I feel stupid having to actually explain that to you. You give zero evidence to back up this theory, aside from the fact that men are biologically programmed to be more sex driven than women are. Does that mean all men are willing to disrespect a woman and violate her against her will in order to get laid? No it doesn’t, and if you’re going to make such a hurtful generalization about half of the world’s population, perhaps you could try to have some actual evidence to back it up.

    Stop projecting your issues onto all of the men who didn’t rape you. You hurt men when you speak this way. You hurt feminism when you speak this way.

    • Lindsey,
      You are pathetic. You say you are a woman. But you are working too darn hard to defend men. You are foolish.
      Men do not attack other men in order to defend women. What is your problem. Seems you too have blinders and don’t even see the truth. Men do not respect women.

      • And Lindsay is right, there are some sick, twisted, mindless people who do those things. It isn’t right to hate all men for the crime of one maniac who chooses to do those awful things that I am definitely not for whatsoever, on any circumstance.

      • Beryl,
        You are the pathetic and ignorant one here as well. You have never been a male and never will be so therefore you cannot assume that men do not respect women because I know I do and you cannot say otherwise. The truth that are “in the binders” is that you know nothing about us men, the cringiness is all too real on this blog. (PS#1: the fact that you say Lindsay isn’t a woman because she defends men shows how ignorant and bigoted you are)
        Good day

  11. you are very right sister,they are.thats why they are ugly outside,externally,which shows their true ancestory(of rape eg ghengis khan) and innate evilness.i was reading the WTF facts facebook then their was one about ghengis khan who was a murdere and rapist and many men were praising that he has so many male descendants through rape etc men are evil and ugly(thats why women even get more turned on by eachother more than about men as studies show,its easily searched) now i know this fact: evilness(male) never liked/likes goodness(female) and thats why these creeps have done alot to limit us the more attractive,better gender(excluding exceptions of gay men,asexual men,men who like older women,metrosexuals etc). Also these evil creeps(men) get more ugly and evil as they age(male sperm has more mutation rates than our superior ovums :) ),that’s why i prefer younger men(mid teens). Because of men’s evilness i have decided certain things in my life.

    • Not very well expressed here, but I do think you are correct in what you are trying to say. It’s more widely known now– when it really wasn’t before now. Just listen to the presidents speech yesterday at his press conference. Male are at the root of all evils. He wasn’t smiling.. he was serious when he bravely said it… said most males grow out of that ager/rage/jealousy stage, but not all (I think MOST do not)… their rage over the fact they can’t get a female is basically at the root… and they need intervention– just have to learn… learn to work harder at it. Go about things better, not just get angry and throw tantrums. It turns females off—– then the cycle repeats itself. The shooter, like all of the other mass shooters, was pissed he couldn’t get a female! What the hell? How many females would be pissed if they couldn’t get a male– and either go rape one or go shoot up a bunch of people??? Um, NONE!

      • also am glad you have males/men who agree with you on male evilness.i also have 7 who agree,2 are gay,1 transgender and 4 straight.

      • This is so true. It’s getting to the point where every bad thing that is done in this world, comes from men and their terrible attitudes about women and their Need to make everything about a man getting some sex. Women get tired of hearing about the penis.
        And as soon as women call men out on their bull, they then begin attacking females and feminism. They can’t accept Being told of their evil behavior and blame feminism for women getting some sense.
        Well let me tell men right here and now that there is not a dog gone thing wrong with feminism. If it wasn’t for feminism, women would not have gotten the right to vote, and some other freedoms that these men had. Females reading her, you need to open your eyes to see their ltricks and then open you mouths and speak up against all the man made doctrines where men want to keep up barefooted and pregnant and no voice to give our opinion.

      • So I guess you’ve never heard of Susan Smith in South Carolina? Who by the way…Murdered her 3 Children by Drowning Them while strapped into a Car…because she was rejected by some guy that she liked! She also tried to pull of the Race Card and tried to say some Black Guy did it too. Pfffftt

  12. this is what i have decided ..1)always trust superior goodness(female with exceptions of patriarchal ones) and never males with exceptions of gay men,asexual men,boys(<12),men who prefer older women..2)dont give them easy sexual/life access:am still young,i havent lost my virginity yet at 19,so i think i should lose it to myself/something,not yet sures,anyway… The reason why we shouldnt give them sexual access is because they are evil but to get in more detail,its because they are unworthy plus ugly(their faces are puke-inducing and get worse with age due to their evilness + they have those disgusting hairy balls with an ant-eater attached hehe,called the penis) MEN SHOULD JUST KILL THEMSELVES TO EXTINCTION,theyhave always been killing themelves to get access to more of us and for selfish domination,why havent they kill eachother to extinction!?probably to bring more evilness in the world,ever notice how evil 'thrives',thats men!smh at this ugly species called men.MITOCHONDRIAL DNA AND THE X-CHROMOSOME FOR THE WIN :)

    • Listen, if you’re a lesbian, that’s ok. It’s okay for you to feel sexually attracted to women and it is possible for you to be sexually attracted to women without hating on men. Stop bashing “all men” because you don’t find any of them attractive. Nope they aren’t all evil. They are a PART of the human race and both male and female genomes are required for most life on this planet to continue. Evil women exist too. Ever notice how angry “femminists” hate all men and think that all women are pure, holy and saint-like? That’s a fallacy. Women can be just as evil as men. I can provide you with names if you like. Feminists, on the other hand, don’t think the males are evil but do feel that women should be treated as equals in terms of career opportunities, education, health care, wages, voting rights etc. If men kill themselves to extinction, women will die too.

      • I agree. But, males can’t be killed to extinction, that is crazy talk. But, since the world’s purpose it to progress I think it’s fair to say we might want to limit male births/fetus’. Maybe to about 1/4 of what we have today… and keep it that way. Crime rates (sadness, destruction, misery, abuse, etc) would be way down—- forever :) And no, I am not a lesbian (married with one son and one daughter). And both males in my immediate family agree with me, wholeheartedly… they are intellectuals, as are my daughter and I.

      • I give up. I quit. Congrats. I can’t even find something remotely witty to say to make fun of this. You broke me. You know an article is full of shit when “international castration day” makes more sense than said article. How will killing off men fix ANYTHING?!

  13. no,women wont die because two women’s eggs can be used to create a baby…and this scientific method is getting better.thanks for reply,men are evil,thats why they wrote many beliefs,religions etc to make us females seem evil because it was and stiill s a deflection,evilness never likes goodness.honestly can you give me an answer as to why many of their patriachal religions they say female is evil,when even in those very religions they are the evil ones?

    • Thank you for being a female who has her eyes. Wide open and not allowing men to take away your desire to speak the truth.

      There are some females who have been brainwashed and write here to side with a bunch of men who don’t give a rat’s fart about us ladies.

      • very true,sister,and i am very happy that i managed to overcome the brainwash early(am in my late teens) but am african and although feminism is getting here its too slow.and its not a suprise that as men have become more “feminized” or more female-focused(reminds me of Bonobo vs chimpanzee ) the world is a better place.which is one of the proofs of Feminine>masculine. @evan i never said that,but thanks for that idea.what i said is men should kill eachother off!!! but its a better idea for the world to become more feminized

      • Beryl am happy you aren’t brainwashed as well :) lets stay Matriachal and not brainwashed by the general evilness of men(excluding exceptions).the world is becoming more peaceful as men are becoming less patriachal :)

  14. After just readin about the 5 million plus tapes that happened during the war the title ‘all men are rapists’ is quite fitting to how I feel right now. I am utterly disgusted and after reading some of these comments by men on here I am not surprised. i will be making sure my children and husband read it to.

    • very true,war rape,’bride’ kidnapping,patriachal marriages where fathers buy and sell women/girls old enough to be their daughters,all from men,established by them and for their benefit,the whole patriachal concepts,belief systems are evil(some exceptions exist).woman is good.

  15. I’m gonna assume you’re a troll, and probably male. The thing that gets me is the number of people who took you seriously. Good job!

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