All Men Are Rapists!


That warm smile on a man’s face, the one he has when he first meets a woman for a date, belies his true intentions: RAPE. I know, because it happened to me. Back when I was a 170 pound twig I went to the movies with a boy from high school. He was tall, thin, and handsome — a nice homely boy, or so I thought. But I was never the same again after he took advantage of me. From that point on I discovered the true evil that lurks within all men.

Let me tell you sisters, all men are disgusting animals, PIGS!  Every time a man sees a woman, he undresses her in his mind, and that is the first offense. It’s the precursor to rape; he is premeditating rape. Even if he doesn’t go through with it, he has the mind of a rapist. It’s no different from a man pointing a gun at you. He shows intent even if he fails to pull the trigger. Don’t be fooled.

When I was date raped, I was just sitting next to this… what I thought was a man, this monster. I was sharing a bucket of popcorn with him when all of the sudden I felt his dick in the bucket. Then he grabbed me and tried to force himself on top me. From that day on I told myself I’d never, ever, ever let that happen to me AGAIN! I gained a few pounds since then to ward off creeps and their creepy stares; and surprisingly it hasn’t hurt my sex life too much — I’m still a hot sex goddess, I just appeal to men of a different skin tone. And if a man dares to touch me, I can turn around and shove him to the ground and sit on his face!

Call it reverse rape if you want, I call it justice.


621 thoughts on “All Men Are Rapists!

  1. Ok, I’m a guy reading this, I came across this by accident, and I don’t expect to be able to fully relate with everything that your saying, but to me, it seams that you’re saying that just because one douche bag tried to rape you, mind you, there are also women who rape men, that all men are rapist, even if a guy is like me, raised by our parents to respect all people, regardless of their race, religion, sex, creed, or walk of life, sweet and caring to the important women in our life, and don’t care about sex, that they are still a rapist. I don’t think that’s true. This is why I don’t like feminist, instead of getting triggered about when women are actually treated worse than men, like in the middle east, you just get triggered because someone had a different opinion than you. Instead of feminist, why don’t we have equalitist, who instead of wanting equality for women in countries where there already is equality for women, they fight for equality for all people worldwide.

    • by accident, wauw, you’re a really dumb liar, typical mansplaining scumfuck
      i bet your porn collection on your computer is also by accident isnt it
      and your past about women that have no good feeling about you fucking you also

      a big big accident isn’t it
      the inferior y chromosome is a big big accident
      accidents need to be corrected

  2. You are actually wrong. Us men don’t just care about what females look like without clothing, that’s not important at all.

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    • you’re just adding the truth that all men only look at women as their figurive features.
      the best answer would be; no rape at all.

      you just made it a mansplaining answer, and you should get shot between your eyes.

      • And you are a sad, pathetic loser who has to not only comment on anybody who disagrees with your backwards ass perspective, but verbally assault the, as well. People like you are a malignant tumor on society and need to be eradicated from the planet! Go ahead retard, I’m waiting for your oh so intelligent response…………..

  4. ur all just adding the truth that all men ARE rapists, and yes they are. men not telling they are, is just a doorway to letting others see they really are.
    if u understand history, women are the strongest and there is nothing u can do about it.
    males will extinct, they are unnecesary

    just let them go to 1 planet and all the women to 1 planet, and the problem is solved.
    diversity is a lie.

  5. I like how you call men sexist but what you are saying is sexist against men. sStop pushing the actions of one man on the rest of us

  6. If it’s any consolation, you should feel comfortable in the fact that NO ONE will be raping your fat ugly arse, LMAO!

  7. You’re an idiot. And I say this as a survivor…You are an idiot reactionary and its people like you that are harming the feminist movement the most.

  8. Alll men ARE potential rapists,and if you have cat called a woman on the street,labeled her a slut for how she dresses,or watch porn,then you are a part of the problem.I can’t even go for a run down the street without some prick checking me out.Pigs!.

  9. when the whole world goes to hell, you will see that all men are rapist, this is not a prediction its the truth, and a lot of people forget about men from the past, the fake kings and fake gods raped women for fun. Pirates, Vikings, murderers and child molesters raped already. it is Fact that men who do not care for the law rape women for nothing. If men rape for nothing all men are rapist.

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