All Men Are Rapists!


That warm smile on a man’s face, the one he has when he first meets a woman for a date, belies his true intentions: RAPE. I know, because it happened to me. Back when I was a 170 pound twig I went to the movies with a boy from high school. He was tall, thin, and handsome — a nice homely boy, or so I thought. But I was never the same again after he took advantage of me. From that point on I discovered the true evil that lurks within all men.

Let me tell you sisters, all men are disgusting animals, PIGS!  Every time a man sees a woman, he undresses her in his mind, and that is the first offense. It’s the precursor to rape; he is premeditating rape. Even if he doesn’t go through with it, he has the mind of a rapist. It’s no different from a man pointing a gun at you. He shows intent even if he fails to pull the trigger. Don’t be fooled.

When I was date raped, I was just sitting next to this… what I thought was a man, this monster. I was sharing a bucket of popcorn with him when all of the sudden I felt his dick in the bucket. Then he grabbed me and tried to force himself on top me. From that day on I told myself I’d never, ever, ever let that happen to me AGAIN! I gained a few pounds since then to ward off creeps and their creepy stares; and surprisingly it hasn’t hurt my sex life too much — I’m still a hot sex goddess, I just appeal to men of a different skin tone. And if a man dares to touch me, I can turn around and shove him to the ground and sit on his face!

Call it reverse rape if you want, I call it justice.

195 thoughts on “All Men Are Rapists!

  1. Hey, you who is keeping his name hidden,

    You have a bad attitude. Why are you turning the argument againt feminist. Feminists dont rape!! Thankfully feminists are real people, who bring many injustices to light. Since you men are so busy defending each other.
    If you have an ounce of common sense, you know that males make light of rape, until or unless they get the opportunity to go to prison and be violently attacked by three or four brute men, who force themselves on your body. How would you feel commenter, if I minimized your pain and suffering?

    • MS FATALE IS RIGHT…all male humans are EVIL. The only acceptable/nice males belong to the animal kingdom…eg male dogs, cats, birds, fishes etc… MALE HUMANS are waging WAR against women and our children ALL OVER THE WORLD…RAPE, CHILD MOLESTING, CHILD RAPE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ENDLESS GLOBAL WARS THAT IMPACT WORST ON WOMEN & CHILDREN, FILLING UP OVER 95% OF THE WORLD’S PRISON CELLS, EVERY CRIME IMAGINABLE THEY COMMIT, SEXISM, BOOZING, BEATING, CHEATING, PATHOLOGICAL LIARS, KERB CRAWLERS, BRAWLERS, GAMBLERS, DRUG DEALERS & ADDICTS, DISEASE-SPREADERS, CORPSE-EATERS, MANIPULATIVE, CUNNING, CRAFTY, TESTOSTERONE-DRIVEN, MONEY-OBSSESSED, NARCISSISTIC, POWER-CRAZED, DESTROYING Mother Earth, MALE MONSTERS..they should all be CASTRATED and SHOT out INTO SPACE so that Mother Earth, Nature, animals, women & their female children can be LEFT IN PEACE and the Earth will then heal and all will be at peace once again on MOTHER EARTH when human males are destroyed or put on another planet..

  2. Hey, you who is keeping his name hidden,

    You have a bad attitude. Why are you turning the argument againt feminist. Feminists dont rape!! Thankfully feminists are real people, who bring many injustices to light. Since you men are so busy defending each other.
    If you have an ounce of common sense, you know that males make light of rape. It’s rather interesting to you all, until or unless you all get the opportunity to go to prison and be violently attacked by three or four brute men, who force themselves on your body. How would you feel commenter, if I minimized your pain and suffering after you had been raped???

    • I don’t think any buy here is defending rape, but it’s pretty disgusting of you to pair male interest in sex with countenancing rape.

      Yes, most guys want to have sex all the time. Why not? We see it as recreation, and it fulfills an instinctive drive. Why not have a game of ping pong with someone if I’ve got nothing better to do? And to be honest, it is perplexing to us when a woman tells us that we are evil for NOT wanting to play ping-pong with just her for the rest of our lives.

      Men and women are built differently. We each have genetic imperatives that manifest as drives and goals. For guys it’s to have sex with as many women as possible, and to not care too much who she is or how hot she is. Are we to be condemned for this genetic drive, lambasted because our drive for variety and quantity is a DIFFERENT strategy from that of women?

      But this has nothing to do with rape. Humans – male and female – are also programmed to desire rich and nutritious food, and comfortable and safe homes, and to go after these with vigor. But does that mean we should condone food or home theft? Of course not.

      Men wanting a lot of sex partners, particularly young and attractive ones, is not evil. It is nature. It’s as natural as a woman feeling the need to have children. The only problem is every male instinct these days are derided and branded evil by feminists.

      And like I said, wanting sex, or wanting food or possessions, is not evil. But rape and theft are.
      Learn to differentiate.

      • Maybe mosta of the feminazis r jus butthurt cause of the double standard which eagerly shames females fo doin/wantin da same shit….

  3. Most men are either rapists. Paedo’s or murderers. They have a disfunction in their genes and will ruin our earth. It’s time we women killed the effing idiot males off, they are ruled by their ego but are dense in mind. If ladies want babies they can use their stored sperm and males will become invisible. Yes, at last. We don’t need men at all. They are USELESS !

    • Good luck with that, Dana. How are you gonna kill us off, when we are the genetic expert MURDERERS? lol
      And you need more than just some sperm. You know that world out there, and the computer you’re typing on? Built by useless MEN!

    • I am a man. When I see a woman, I respect her. You people are over-generalizing people.

      Even stored sperm will run out, and I would much rather have been born a male than not be born at all.

    • Wow! You poor thing. I do wish you happiness and the ability to see that the genocide of all men is not the answer. I am a man and I am not a rapist murderer or pedo. Actually I provide support to people who have come through those experiences. I am a survivor of molestation by women in my childhood. My innocence was stolen from me when I was 9 years old yet I forgive the person because I realize that this sexual predator dysfunction is not gender specific. May you find peace and heal from your traumas. I sincerely mean that.

      • You are talking to the wrong person. Why don’t you scold these evil men here. Why are you scolding the women only. This proves that you all are evil

      • Morons don’t take the time to reply through media in a way with such backlash in the comments. Some of my own replies are cynical but nobody here is STUPID for their opinions :(

      • All males? Rapists? Some men have no sexual preference, called asexual (a- as in not), and some women are too. Some people are repulsed by the human form. Although rare, these men would only get into a relationship for an emotional attachment. They feel no lust. All is too inclusive for this, I am sorry.

    • Well. WTF happens when the “sperm bank” runs out or the sperm is too old? Not all of us want to rape a woman, we’re not seagulls looking for a way to generate younger generations. In addition, not all men are hetero, the same with women. I support gender equality, but not ridiculous radical feminism.

  4. I could at least take you seriously if it read written well, but it’s not. So this stand add just being yeah. I find our disgusting that you think all men are rapists. Although you obviously just mean white men, as later you say you attract men of another color. Are they not rapists? Not only are you making an unfair generalization, but you are actually being racist as well.

  5. Question. In your all female fantasies, when you have male babies using the stored sperm, do you kill them or make them slaves or abandon them? Will you be forcefully taking them from their loving mothers? or are you going to make it illegal for mothers to love their boys? Sounds to me like your perfect future is made up just of your peers. You know who else felt that way? Adolf Hilter.

  6. …wait wha?
    I’m sorry this happened to you, but it is not “all men.” I would argue for less than half even.
    Yes, women have to be cautious out there, because there are in fact sketchy people. But I will not interpret every man who gives me a passing smiles as pile driving me into his comforter in his thoughts. Rape is about power, not the sex. Also threatening to sit on a mans face is in fact reverse rape if it was unintentional contact. I run a register, should I contact the police every time a male customer’s hand grazes mine? Of course not.

    Certainly rape is sometimes cast as comedy and it should not be. That’s why people like Jackson Katz exist — men are starting to notice that rape is an issue for both sexes because society teaches “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape.” Instead of becoming a misandrist, try being open to men about how their behavior affects you. Some legitimately are unaware how much a problem is a problem until soneone they know personally is affected by it.

  7. All men? Rapist. Sorry you had a bad experience with a creepy individual, weird one. But why judge an entire gender on one person? Granted I understand you being causes but why harm your heath, just be yourself. Rape is rape, no such thing as reverse rape.stay safe

  8. These comments are disgusting, I mean eliminate all men? Use stored sperm? You can almost understand why people call you femanazis. But besides that maybe men should retaliate by bringing in Sharias law then you women will see maybe being a first world middle class white girl is nothing. Which really it isn’t anything bad, I mean men are just as oppressed in the first world, your egotistical hypocrisy thou won’t let you see it.

  9. All women are pigs. I have a story for you.
    When I was 19, I went on a date with a girl. After the date, she asked me to go to her house with her. I replied confused, “Um, okay.” We proceeded to her house where I was then escorted to her bedroom. She then pounced on top of me, and ripped off my pants. I yelled and screamed by she continued to RAPE me. I never went on a date again.

  10. Wow! All men? I am a man who was molested by women as a child and I would never imply that all women are molesters and bad. People are messed up in general and it is beyond shortsighted to judge the whole flock by the actions of a few.

  11. Well, excuse me. If you are going to get angry at men for generalizing women, but not the other way around, who is really sexist here?

    I honestly feel sorry for you. You did not deserve to be raped. However, ranting and raving against men as a whole will do nothing to prevent further rape. The men who will read this work are either those that do not and never will rape, or those who don’t don’t give a shit over what’s right.

    I mean, I’m only 16, and I already know that rape is an evil thing on this world. Yet, you are already saying that just because I’m a ‘guy’, that I’m going to rape just because of my gender.

    Respond if you have the courage, and if you honestly wish to prevent rape. Otherwise, you are a coward who wants somebody to blame.

    One last thing; if I were to ever find the guy who did this to you, I would make him regret ruining your life. Think about that for a change.

  12. Look, I’m a man But I’ve never raped or sexually harassed anyone. I don’t constantly think about having sex with every woman I see. I almost never even think about sex unless I’m with someone who wants to have sex. So I must be a terrible rapist scum, right?
    So if all of us are rapists, even the ones like me, what exactly can we do to change it? Or are you just generalizing for sake of generalizing? I’m not going to attack you like some other people that replied, I’m genuinely curious to hear what you think of me. Also, I understand that male on female rape is a big problem but that doesn’t mean we all want to rape. Hell, I could even understand if you were scared of men because of the amount of rapists that are out there but you’re being ridiculous. I just don’t understand why I have to be thrown into the same group as these scumbags when I’m nothing like them. What if I said that because my friend was sexually abused by his mom that all women are evil? You would call me a sexist and you’d be correct. So I am correct to say that you’re being sexist. If I could solve the rape problem, I would. If I could change the fact that this shitty culture breeds sexism (and therefor makes it easier for men to rape) I would. If I could end all sexism, I would.

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  14. Ooh. Look what I found my fellow lady neo-nazis. An article stating that women have been raping men? Or is that impossible because women are the only pure ones? I’m quite confused.

  15. That ‘All Men Are Rapists’ article is simply deluded. I’m sorry she got raped, but reading her story – It says he put his penis underneath the bucket of popcorn and then ”TRIED to force himself on top of me”. That’s not rape. Further, this was in a cinema. Surely someone would notice this. She then goes on to say ‘I appeal to men of a different skin tone’ as she ‘gained a few pounds’, implying the stereotype that black men like bigger women. That’s racist. Good going lady.

  16. Women don’t rape? What a crock of shit!
    As a medic in the Army I treated a man with a broken thermometer in his dick. Placed there by a woman to make it stand up because he was passed out. He had met her at a bar. She offered him a ride home because he was to drunk to drive. When he passed out on the ride homebshe took him to her home put an alcohol based thermometer in his urethra and had sex with him. The thermometer broke. She dumped his passed out body down the street and left him there.
    True Story.

    • OMG that story, if real, is hilarious! I just laughed my ass off! A thermometer in the urethra to make it stand up?! LOL LOL I wouldn’t bother. I don’t want dick even if it stood up on its own LOL

  17. heres some thing better hunt down all pedo,those who rape etc lock them up then men and woman can find and live on either side of this world out of view out of mind and never being near one another or both find 2 other worlds to live on no more issues

    • Now We get it. This is another one of those sexist websites written against women.

      And women don’t rape. You men are full of shit! That is why I tell all females to live your life and don’t get into a relationship with men, because all they do is think about sex, defend their sins, blame women for everything, want to be exalted, then go on the intent and gang up on any female who makes a comment about the bad things men do. You men are so transparent. Women can’t even trust you. Listen to the disrespectful evil things you men on this forum keep writing about women. All your jibber jabber doesn’t intimidate me, you make scare off some females, but I am not afraid of any of you evil, sex obsessed animals.

      Run women, open your eyes and see that men are not worth it!!

    • This personal story by all accounts seems reasonable and plausible, so it can stand. The only thing that is truly ‘bullshit’ is that the absence of evidence of god forbid – good men – leads some to believe in the evidence of the absence of good men. No one ‘needs’ men but this example is incredibly close-minded in that this person takes one bad experience and lets it generalize all men.

  18. Ok first off let me clarify feminism is a great thing on its own. There are places in this world that need brave women who are willing to fight for equal rights because I honestly don’t think there are enough. Also rape us a terrible thing. Any person who forces anyone into a sexual relationship is a terrible person.
    My concern comes in here where you say all men are pigs and we are all rapist. Your feminism has gone to a level that just is unreasonable. I mean are you really convinced every man is terrible. My 3 year old cousin is a rapist really. My 9 year old brother is undressing you with his eyes. The world needs feminist to get equal rights that women don’t have not try to get special treatment. I’m 15 and I’ve never even seen a girl naked. How the fuck am I a rapist. Come on.

  19. Reverse rape? What the fuck? That’s still rape. Forcibly putting your genitals in someone’s face when they don’t want it is rape no matter what gender you are. Not reverse rape.

    Also I’m a guy that has never wanted to rape anyone in my life, like a lot of other guys. Not all men are potential rapists. Your article is sexist and racist as well and also brushes off rape (if a girl does it) as it’s no big deal. What the fuck is wrong with you.

    People like you are the reason so many men aren’t supporting feminism. Grow up and stop all the misandry if you want to stop the misogyny.

  20. It is ‘feminists’ like this that NEED raping! Holy shit what a deluded bunch of twisted bitches!

    (I just divorced one) Silly twat…

    Feminism = Equal rights for men and women….

    Manism = A man that is aware of the true meaning of feminism and agrees with it BUT does not keep his bollocks in his wife’s handbag and doesn’t give a flying fuck about bitches that think they should.

    Twisted man hating bitches who fail to communicate and compromise are life wrecking whores who believe their vaginas are sacred, and in truth, no man in his right mind would ever want to be with.

    I’m guessing the man hating women posting on here have had several either abusive or none compliant relationships due to thier Feminazi belief system.

    These women are also unable to accept that they have done anything wrong and are ALWAYS the victim.

    This is why they hate men, it is because THEY are incompatible with them and won’t and cannot, even if hell freezes over, admit that it is they that are the real problem!


    • Feminism = caring about the rights of women. Nothing more or less. It’s not equal rights.

      Equality = caring about everyone’s rights no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, financial wealth, body type, mental health, etc etc etc.

      Equality is focusing on all problems and trying to help everyone, not just women.

      Many feminists blindly speak of male privilege but fail to mention or do the research to know that men who are minority’s in America are treated worse and have less privilege than women. E.g. An experiment was done where black and white men and women wore white polo shirts and khaki pants and were told to go to various car dealerships in Chicago and haggle for half an hour using scripted lines to lower the price. The result was that the price the black males were offered after haggling for half an hour was still not as low as the price the whit females were initially offered.

      In order of best offers to worse it was white male, white female, black female, black male. Sooooo…. Feminism can suck my left nut.

      I’m mixed and male but look black. Being mixed I’m told often enough that I’m an abomination since I’m the product of a bi racial relationship. Looking black I’m treated like a degenerate often enough and it’s even worse as a male. My life would be easier as a woman. But feminist do not care.

      They don’t care about problems guys have. They don’t care for equality. They care about women’s right and only women’s rights.

  21. Would I be considered a horrible person o disagree with this and say not all men are rapists and monsters? Its basically like saying all Arabs are terrorists, in reality. You are basically promoting stereotypes, by saying since one guy is a rapist means that all men are rapists. I’m sure you would disagree if I said all femenists are monsters and rapists? Because women have commited sexual crimes against people. All I see in this is stereotyping and hate speech, I’m sorry you have had bad experiences with boys in the past but not everyone wants to rape you the first time they see you, frankly 99.999% would never even think of it.
    -Just a guy who has a girlfriend who he loves and would never even imagine causing pain towards.

  22. i must say this seems pretty fucking stupid to me. im a teenage boy, i have never even considered to sexually harass a woman (or girl) and yet im a monster to you. apperantly i must hate myself because i was born as a male, even tho i have never done anything wrong. equallity is good but blaming all men for something only a few have is just plain wrong. i cant help that im a boy, but if im still a fucking rapist monster to you, then i dont feel like this is equallity. thats just sexist and stupid.

    • I think this is a joke “exaggeration” post.
      Who would ever refer to herself as a “170 lb TWIG”?

      My guess it’s an introduction to a talk at some feminist rally. The speaker says this, and waits for the shocked silence, then laughs and says, “This is how most men view the attitudes of a typical feminist”. And then any paranoid anti-male crap the feminist speaker THEN comes up with, will seem reasonable and measured in comparison.

      Kinda like the old –
      “Mom! I totalled your CAR!”
      “Oh no! You DID”?
      “Naw, I’m just kidding. It’s just a scratch down the side”.
      “Oh that’s a relief! Want some ice cream”?

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  24. Now I am not responding to comments this will be my first and only time I will make a comment here because the ignorance here I cannot tolerate.

    Now just because that ONE man took advantage of you that means every single one is a rapist? And when a man sees a female they are undressing her in their mind apparently in my mind I undress my grandmother and my mom so if a woman shoots a man does that make all women killers? Feminist are dumb as hell. But if this is a joke and explaining the typical behavior of a feminist… Bravo, my friend.

  25. Not all men are rapists, but a majority would be rapists if they couldn’t get access to sex. Most have the capacity for rape. Most men need sex like they need food, and what would a starving person do? Anything, to get what they need. Men are parasites onto women. The need for sex in males so so strong, that is why they con women into sleeping with them. Then women are given the task of preventing that. Men are all psychopaths, but in different levels of severity. They lack emotion and empathy or have a limited ability for it. The severity of the problem varies, ranging from murderer to average manipulator. But they all have psychopathy if atleast moderately. The problem lies in that women repeatedly allow themselves to be brainwashed and believe the lies. That is why men comment on forums like this, they can’t handle women knowing the truth of who they are. They need their mommies and pussy supply.

    • *but a majority would be rapists if they couldn’t get access to sex*
      Something like 60% of young Japanese men are not “getting any” these days. How many of them do you imagine are resorting to rape?

      But you’re right about men wanting or needing sex much more than women. And men and women are starting to see that more clearly, and men are starting to say “no” to the manipulation and “commitment” scams women are employing to SELL their pussies to the highest bidder.

      All that’s required are a few reasonably-priced prostitutes, and you won’t have any more problem with us evil men:)

      • Guess what mr paul useless sack of balls? I’ve been a high end prostitute for years. I capitalize on you mens weak physicality. MUCH better than “dating” which is nothing but free sex for fake love. You illustrate my point clearly. If a woman has to use sex to get a man to commit, it just proves his innate inability to love. Men are not able to love and will NEVER feel the same for a woman as she feels for her. They are talking dildos and atms.

      • You are a (high end? I’ll bet) prostitute, and you call dating “free sex”, and you’re berating MEN for an inability to commit? LOL Do you write stand-up comedy? (actually I don’t even believe you’re on the level, “gorgeousdickchopper”, but I’ll play along:)

        So when women kill their husbands or cut off their dicks or slam them in the jaw with a golf club because they are pissed off, I should also blame all women for that? Like you blame all men for rape?

        And yes, I know all about Japan. (you don’t need to waste your time trying to TEACH me anything, you should just stick to venting your vicious man-hatred, and your own self-loathing and justification/projection for your “career” path. It would be a better use of your time.

        I’ll ignore the “inferior intellect” jab (that one always makes me laugh), but I’m also a psychopath? Wow. Any justification for that diagnosis, or is it just gender-based again?

        But the REAL reason so many cases of rape go unreported is because they never HAPPENED. Listen to yourself, Mrs. Einstein. You list “unreported cases of rape”, as if you had some sort of crystal ball that enabled you to detect not only the claims, but their veracity. You are just pulling such stats out of your money-maker and holding them up as Truth. You have NO idea how many unreported cases there are, how many are frivolous, and how many pure vindictiveness.

        But you are not really using that magic “unreported” rape figure to counter my argument about all the “herbivore” Japanese men apparently NOT requiring a mate OR your reasonably-priced services, and not resorting to rape to fill this uncontrollable need. Or are you actually stating that ALL those millions of Japanese men are raping and it’s going unreported?
        And would you like some stats on the number of rapes in the United States that have been PROVEN to have been lies, like the recent famous Rolling Stone fraternity rape FABRICATION?

        No, I’m sure you would just prefer to make up your own numbers, and spreading your legs for money.
        “Which is all their good for”. lol Yeah, that’s a good one. Well what do you think all those guys with their open wallets think about what women are “good for”, as you lie there with your legs open? lol
        We MAKE things. We DO things. We INVENT things. And women like you simply spread your legs and cash our checks. Whether you ask for a diamond or money on the night-stand. And you look down your noses at US? lol

        *if men were good people they wouldn’t post hateful crap*
        Did you just say THAT, Ms. GorgeousDICK-CHOPPER? Right after saying men have no empathy and are born rapists and stupid and have no capacity to love, and are good for nothing but money?
        How is YOUR vaunted empathy when it comes to a bunch of guys in college getting falsely-accused of rape by a vindictive woman who regretted her libido in the morning, and wanted to play the victim instead of take her walk of shame? Do you care at all about INNOCENT guys being expelled and branded as rapists for the rest of their lives?
        No, I don’t imagine you do. I think I know EXACTLY what you’re thinking about that right now. You’re thinking, “OK, so even if those specific guys did not rape her, they probably wanted to at some time or will rape in the future, and in any event there are PLENTY of guys out there who ARE getting away with rape, so this sort of balances the ledger”.
        Plenty of women get away with murder, so it’s only universal karma if I lie to have YOU sent to the gas chamber for a murder you didn’t commit?

      • By the way, Mr Dildo, Japan is a horrbile place when it comes to rape. The rape rate there seems low, but the justice system almost never pursue rape cases. Victims are given no recourse or a way to press charges. Instead, they are dismissed and ridiculed. As a result, there are 10 to 20 cases of rape that go unreported for every 1 case that is reported, according to Japan Today. Now, you are free to continue flaunting your inferior intellect and your psychopathic tendencies, but I may not answer because I’m busy bullshitting men into opening their wallet, which ofcourse is all they’re good for. Another thought for the poster is this; if men were good people they wouldn’t post hateful crap. They’d say hey, I’m very sorry you were raped and it was wrong but please don’t think we all want to rape women. Its hurtful and makes me angry. I hope you will be able to heal and not hate. But men will never say this to you because their capacity for empathy is so low, all they care about is winning an argument. You are entitled to your own feelings and opinions and I as a fellow woman am very sorry you were raped and wish you healing and happiness. Good luck!

    • I’m a psychologist and I can tell already that you and your “proud to be misandrist” girlfriends are indeed, female sociopaths.

      • Symptom of the sociopath number 18; “justifying irrationality, hipocrisy and trivialisations with ad-hominems.”

  26. So if the dildo knows there’s a ton of rape in Japan, then why say there is no rape in japan? Then go on to say that the rape cases are FALSE?!? Its also funny how the dildo rejects the idea of me being high end ( despite the fact that I make 250 hr) AND it goes on to bash sex workers whilst freely agreeing to visiting one. Its a lack of brain cells in conjunction with typical lying, gaslighting and manipulation that we see in the average male aka psychopath. Id be happy to take from him 250 bucks to piss on his face. Otherwise I’m done talking to it and I sigeest you ladies do the same.

    • *So if the dildo knows there’s a ton of rape in Japan, then why say there is no rape in japan?*
      Amazing! You’re like the poster-girl for female illogic. Your very first sentence is a fallacy. I NEVER said there was no rape in Japan. I was countering your argument about men inevitably resorting to rape when they can’t get a date, by pointing out the massive numbers of male Japanese who have opted out of the mating game, and yet we do NOT see a massive increase in the reported rape statistics. There has even been a marked DROP is the cases, concomitant with this “herbivore” phenomenon. In other words, my point argues strongly against your theory. If you were correct, then a 25% increase in male abstinence, should produce a 24% increase in rape accusations, right? Right.

      Yes a lot of the DATE rape cases are complete falsehoods. I don’t think many if any stranger-rape cases are phoney, nobody does probably. But the “date” variety? IMO a LOT of those cases are drunk or high coeds regretting their inexplicably horny behavior in the morning. Hell, I’ve woken up with hangovers in women’s beds, with little to no memory of the preceding night, but I did NOT start screaming rape!
      Because guys don’t call each other “sluts” when we have recreational sex. Women do. You call each other horrible names so the dates and the rings and the martial promises – and eventual divorce settlements – keep on rolling.

      I doubt you’re high-end. You could be. But odds are someone as man-hating as you obviously are has to work the low end of the market, and “turn” the scumbags in the back alleys. I doubt very much you’re making $5K an evening with guys like Charlie Sheen. You probably would have a sunnier disposition.
      But anything’s possible.

      When did I bash sex workers? I have no moral objections to the work at all. If you want to make your money on your back with disgusting slobs using you as a Fleshlight, go for it. Roofing in August is also nasty work. What I meant was you have no call to brag about your job. You aren’t building skyscrapers and curing polio. MEN do that sort of thing:)

      Yeah you’re done talking to me. After all, you made all your points, and they were all so good, what more could you say, right? lol

  27. Though I understand the desire of equality for both women and men, and of every culture/ethnicity that inhabits this world, you prove you are no better than the greatest evil when you dictate the independence of people. Including men. When you talk about putting men into concentration camps or killing them off and using only their sperm to bare children, you create nothing more than a controlled (and rather evil) environment. You fail to see that not all men are evil or have the lust to violate a woman or another person. However, it is portrayed in our media almost constantly that men are either the icon of the world, or the disgusting pigs of society. Women are not perfect either. Women mollest and rape and violate as well. Perhaps the ratio isn’t as high as men, but you can’t simply generalize all men as evil, rapist scum. It becomes discrimination. It is the same as saying, “all black people are thugs and n****rs”. Or, “all Hispanic people are boarder hoppers”. If you desire peace then you must be an advocate of equality. You will lose that equality when you discriminate against men. You prove you are no better than the man who is a woman-hater, or the racist, or the tyrant dictator. This extreme feminism thought is creating a lot of insecurity in men. A lot of men are too afraid to approach a woman and simply compliment her hair without them reacting harshly to their nice compliment.

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